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Email Management Tips

10 Tips on managing emails and being more productive

We all receive hundreds of emails each day & it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed when looking at our inbox. and if we don’t clear out the unnecessary emails, some of the mails go unnoticed. So we need to manage our  email 

With a few tips, we can stop your inbox from being flooded:

  1. Start by Deleting anything you no longer need.

 Delete anything that’s not relevant or required anymore. If you find any emails as spam just report them as spam.

  1. Archive emails you’re not ready to delete just yet.

If you are not sure about deleting a particular email, just hit ‘archive’ instead of ‘delete’ so you can return to them and read when you want to.

  1. Don’t Reread Your Emails

It’s easy to read an email multiple times. Either we have forgotten we’ve already read it or & then marked it as unread or we must have checked email but weren’t quite sure on how to respond or too busy to do this second.

Here are our top tips to manage:

  • Try to star or flag so you know you have to check back.
  • Try responding to short emails as soon as you read them. Keep your response precise but ensure you provide all of the relevant information the recipient may need to know to save a chain of multiple emails with questions & answers going back and forth.
  • If you’re looking to arrange a meeting, try suggesting at least two potential dates and times in the first email. For more efficiency use an app like Calendly/ Timify to allow the recipient to choose their own time in your diary.
  • Returning to these emails we wanted to respond, dedicate space in your day to respond to these emails. And keep it off from your to-do list.


  1. Unsubscribe from promotional emails/ newsletters you don’t need or want anymore.

Make sure you only subscribe to emails you are interested in and want to keep up with their latest information. If you have subscribed to them in the past and you are no longer interested just open the email and click on the unsubscribe button. Also, check your subscription preferences.


  1. Delete newsletters and other emails if they’ve been in your inbox for a long period.

You might have subscribed to them as you liked them back then but you might not be interested anymore to read or you might be busy. It feels good to think that you will be reading them later but those emails just pile up and consume so much time to delete them, so if they are unopened for more than a week, delete them. It saves your time and you don’t have to be overwhelmed with your inbox being loaded.

  1. Set up as many Labels as you need.

We all receive different types of emails, consider using a special label or colour coded category to categorize them which makes it easier for you to identify.

  To set up Labels In Gmail:

  • Login to Gmail and look at the left sidebar menu in full. Under “categories,” you should see the submenu “manage labels” and “create a new label.”
  1. Set up filters.

Filters in Gmail are automation rules that allow you to redirect emails as they hit your inbox, thereby saving you the trouble of having to sort and manage emails manually.


To set up filters in Gmail:

  • Login to Gmail inbox. 
  • Click the down arrow at the right side of the “search” box.
  • Enter your search criteria in the fields(email senders, email respondents, subject lines, keywords based on what you want to filter out. 
  • Then, click  on “create  filter within this search.” You can decide where to direct the filtered emails.
  1. Create multiple inboxes to further prioritize your emails.

Categorize your inbox based on your priorities. 


 Set up multiple inboxes in Gmail:

  • Login to your Gmail inbox and click on the gear icon in the top right corner. 
  • Choose “settings” from the dropdown menu. 
  • Once the settings page opens, you should see some tabs.
  • Click on “labs” and scroll down until you see “multiple inboxes.” click on “enable,” and scroll down to click “save changes.” 
  1. Use downtime to check your email.

Check your emails Whenever you are standing in a queue, waiting for someone or travelling. It saves your time by being more productive.

  1. Prioritise your emails to respond.

 Check your emails and prioritise. Take time and send responses to these important emails. Also, keep an eye on not so important emails and send an email with an alternative email that you would be available. Never miss to respond an email, it’s important that you respond to business emails in 24 hrs.

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