Digital Marketing

We help you to build a brand not just business

We at The Virtual Squad take a strategic and user focused approach to digital marketing , we make sure your marketing is reaching the right audience. 

We are in an era where more people are relying on the information they found online and undoubtedly your website is key to achieving your business goals, and you need it to constantly perform on it reaching to potential customers. We want to commit our time to understand your business objective and reach your goals.

Digital marketing services

Pay Per Click

Search engine advertising is used to display your paid ads directly among the search results on various search engines. Our team will help you in set up ad on google and bing which complements and enhance your organic traffic.

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing is to use social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. Our social media team will work with you taking inputs and ideas and working it through while engaging audience

Display advertising

internet is the most cost-effective place to reach relevant audience. Our team can develop display ads with clear calls-to-action that maximise click-through rates while ensuring that they align with your brand.

Campaign Analysis

Our team at the Virtual squad will get to know your business, industry, competitors and unique selling point of your business. We then analyse your services and insights and work with you to develop a strategy to tailor your PPC campaign to deliver the right results.

Keywords Research

We do intensive research and we will ensure you’re targeting the most appropriate keywords to your specific industry.

Create Ad Copy

We ensure your adverts are focused to the ad group’s keywords and to your landing pages on your website; with a strong call to action and consistent testing we can be sure you’re getting right traffic.

Track & Report

We track the progress of your campaign and produce reports to give you clear insights on what’s happening with your PPC campaign and how the paid search is performing.


Drive instant traffic to your business website and boost your sales with our Google AdWords and Bing Ad pay per click campaigns. 


Social Media Advertising and Management

Create Campaign

Our team creates creative Social ads with your inputs which will increase your brand reach to potential customers. If you are looking to drive sales or create awareness about your brand we do it for you.

Track and Report

We track the progress of your Ad and produce reports to give you clear insights on performance, post reach and what’s happening with your Social media ad campaign.

Promote & Monitor

SMM : We set up your accounts if required and constantly update about your latest business news which increases your reputation of your business.We can also help you to track and and gain insights on how people perceived your posts.

Followers engagement

Our team of social media experts can manage your accounts on your behalf and engage with your audience

Campaign strategy

We understand the importance of structuring the ad campaign(s) smartly. We ensure to deliver optimal results by designing a perfect campaign


Retargeting is the fastest way to reach people who have already expressed an interest in your product/ services. Our team works with you to serve ads to them with a perfect text. We can create a various Retargeting campaign approaches; from simple reminder messaging through to more engaging ads across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Google.

Ad optimisation

Once your campaign strategy and structure are in place, we focus on optimising your offer and ads to generate leads. Our seasoned design team can develop ads with clear calls-to-action that maximise click-through rates while ensuring that they align with your brand and messaging. We also create multiple versions of your ads for A/B testing when possible, pausing the lowest performing one while boosting the other to drive constant improvement.

Analysis and Reporting

Once your display network advertising campaign is up and running, we continually monitor it, we make a note of sectors that we could improve and optimise We will send you regular reports with detailed analytics.

Display Ads

Using our Google Display Network ad campaigns, we display your ads on other websites and generate more leads to your site.